Best Landing Spots Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is about to end, and we’re all wondering what Epic Games has in store for Chapter 3 Season 3. While we wait for some new leaks, why not brush up on the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2? Here are my favorites:

Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

If you’re a new player, the best landing spot for you is the center of the map. The middle of Fortnite’s island holds all kinds of loot, so it’s ideal if you want to get a lot of resources early on in your game.

If you’re an experienced player, however, we recommend landing at Junk Junction. There will be plenty of weapons and materials lying around this area; but most importantly, on this map there are two shopping carts located right next to each other—and if you’re lucky enough to grab both at once it could mean free rides all day long!

If you’re playing solo then we’d suggest landing somewhere close (but not too close) to Tilted Towers or Flush Factory since they have lots of high points which offer excellent overviews: great for keeping track of enemies while also being able to see where everyone else is going without having them sneak up behind us!

  • To find the best landing spots fortnite, you need to land in a place that is difficult for your enemies to reach but also close enough so that you can easily get resources and items.
  • The best landing spots fortnite are usually near blood moons or supply drops, but not too close because then it makes it easier for other players to see you and hunt you down.
  • If your goal is to win as many games as possible then I recommend choosing a spot at Loot Lake or named locations like Tilted Towers, Lonely Lodge and Moisty Mire because these areas have lots of resources and loot drops from chests, vending machines and supply drops which will help make up for any bad luck with loot drops from chests etc..

Good landing spots for fortnite arena

In this article, we will discuss the best landing spots in Fortnite Battle Royale.

These places are good for securing kills and surviving if you are playing solo or with a squad. They are also ideal for fighting as they have cover, loot and other options such as a building to get inside if you find yourself in trouble.


The Grotto is located in the middle of Lazy Lagoon, and it’s a great place to land if you’re looking to play into the night. The location has a variety of trees, bushes and rocks that can be used as cover while you’re waiting for your enemies to walk past.

The Grotto is also very close to the middle of Lazy Lagoon, which means that you’ll have plenty of time to get some kills before being pushed back by other players’ landing spots.

The disadvantage? If someone lands nearby, they may take all your loot from you.

Hydro 16

  • Land on the roof of the building on the left
  • Land on the roof of the building in the middle
  • Land on the roof of the building on the right

Weeping Woods

  • Weeping Woods

The most important thing to remember about this location is that you can’t build here, so your weapon choices need to be carefully considered. There are plenty of places to hide when you’re being chased by a horde, but it’s also possible to get completely surrounded if you don’t play your cards right.

  • The layout of the trees makes it difficult for snipers to take out enemies from afar, but there are a few spots where you can set up camp if you want some distance between yourself and the action below.
  • A lot of people choose this as their landing spot because it’s close enough to Greasy Grove without feeling like its own separate island—plus, there’s no risk involved in trying something new (besides getting killed).

The Agency

The Agency is a good spot to land, but it is very popular.

This is a landing spot that should be avoided if you want to avoid other players.

It’s close to the center of the map, so if you’re looking for a mid-map location, this may be your best choice.

Frenzy Farm

You can land at Frenzy Farm, a location about halfway between Lonely Lodge and Flush Factory. It’s a little out of the way, but this is one of the best spots to land in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 because it has two chests and a bushel of loot on top of a hill that overlooks an area where you can easily pick off enemies from above.

The first chest is located near the edge of the hill with an excellent view of most encounters below. The second chest is located behind some trees near where your teammate may have landed if they were dropped off by a squadmate or flying vehicle like the Quadcrasher.

Frenzy Farm also has lots of trees to hide behind when engaged by enemies, which will give you more time to take them out before they even realize where you are shooting from! This makes it easy for less experienced players who might not know how best use their surroundings yet…

Steamy Stacks

If you’re looking for a place that rewards your dedication, look no further than the Steamy Stacks. This area is a treasure trove of loot and is great for building as well!

  • It’s good for snipers because it’s easy to get in and out of cover without being seen by enemies.
  • For close range, the Steamy Stacks can be very rewarding if you know where to go. There are plenty of loot spots around but watch out: if someone else has been there before, they may already be waiting for you when you arrive!
  • The building opportunities here are endless—you might even find some hidden gold bricks around one of the corners! And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a chance at finding something else nearby called “The Rift” which will allow players to jump straight into battle (and potentially avoid death).
  • Although most people might not think about this when considering Fortnite maps but finding good loot spots can help tremendously when playing other games such as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay or even Battlefield 4 where players need weapons quickly so they don’t die during firefights without having any ammo left over after running out earlier in game play session.

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is a great place to land in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. It’s close to a lot of loot, and it’s also a good place to start a team.

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges is a great spot to land, as it’s near to a lot of loot and has plenty of cover. There are bushes, trees and rocks to hide behind – making it easy for you to camp out in the area. It also has tall buildings which can be used for cover when you’re in battle with other players. There are also walls and fences that make for excellent hiding places too!

Rickety Rig

Rickety Rig is a medium difficulty landing zone that has both a lot of loot and a lot of enemies. It’s perfect for those who want to take out the competition without taking too much damage themselves. It’s also close enough to Tilted Towers that you could go back there for some better loot if you found yourself low on resources early on in your game.

  • Location: South-central Fortnite map, southeast of Pleasant Park
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Best weapons: Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun
  • Best skins: The Visitor (Assault Rifle), Pink Scruffy (SMG) and Flossy (Shotgun) are all great options here. If you want something with more flair then try out the Black Knight or Whiteout skins. They have an excellent chance of dropping at this location so keep an eye out for them!

The rest of these items have a lower chance but can still be found pretty reliably when looting enemies or chests throughout your game here so make sure to keep track of what you find!

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs is located on the west side of Wailing Wood. You’ll notice that this spot has a lot of smaller buildings, which means that you can easily hide from your opponents and pull off some surprise attacks. What’s great about this area is that it has three different locations: one in front of the house with a barn and another under it! The third one is behind the second location mentioned above. This makes Craggy Cliffs an excellent place for team fights because there are so many places where you can hide or escape from attackers. As always, make sure to check our Fortnite Season 3 guide page for more information about other landing spots near these locations!

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is a great landing spot because it’s got lots of bushes and trees to hide behind if you’re being shot at. Plus, you can be sure that other players who arrive belatedly will be trying to get their bearings as well, so they’ll probably stay in the open for a while longer than they normally would.

If you do end up dying within the first few minutes, try not to panic! Your teammates may still be alive and they could really use your help in securing some buildings or finding supplies. The best way out is through: move slowly, keep an eye out for enemies, and don’t forget about your map!

Finally: if things start going pear-shaped (which isn’t uncommon), remember that you can always start over again by deleting the app from your phone and reinstalling it later; this will reset everything except for the cosmetics that have been unlocked so far—which means no need to rush when deciding which building/objective/area is best explored first!

Know these spots!

Know these spots!

  • The bottom of the lighthouse
  • The side of the lighthouse
  • The top of the lighthouse
  • The inside of the lighthouse (for when you want to go for it)

Retail Row

The location of Retail Row makes it an ideal landing spot for those who want to get into the action without having to fight a long way from their landing spot. Not only does this area feature a ton of loot, but it’s also in close proximity to Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot.

The good news about Retail Row is that there are no risks involved at all when you land here. There aren’t many dangerous locations nearby, and even if you do get shot at by other players, they’ll often give up after they realize they can’t kill you easily because there’s so much cover available nearby.

By landing here, you can start out with high value items like legendary weapons and shields while still being able to use them effectively against other players later on when it comes time for conflict!

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is an area in Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a highly popular landing spot because of the high number of loot spawns in the area. The buildings and environment make it easy to find cover while you’re looting, so Tilted Towers is one of the best places to land if you don’t have any gear at all when you land.

Lucky Landing

Landing in Lucky Landing is a great place to land. It’s one of the best places to land for loot if you’re looking for it. The llama is another good place to land if you want to loot up on some treasure, but it can sometimes be hard to find a spot that’s safe enough not to get shot by other players.

Dusty Divot

Landing at Dusty Divot can be a great choice for those looking to stock up on some loot. The area is filled with chests, buildings and cover, making it a good spot to land if you’re not sure where in the map you want to end up.

Dusty Divot is located right next to Lazy Links golf course, which means there’s also plenty of loot nearby if you just want to stay put for a while.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores is a great place to land if you are looking to find loot. You will find loot in houses, on the beach and under palm trees. The beach is a great place to land because it has lots of loot and some nice scenery as well!

If you want a good view of the map, then Snobby Shores would be a good place for you too. You can see lots of places from there and find out where other people are landing so that’s really helpful if you’re going after them or worried about being attacked by someone else

Flush Factory

Flush Factory is a good place to go if you like to build, or if you like to loot. It’s also great for people who like to do both of those things, and if you want to play with friends or randoms.

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is a good landing spot because it is close to the center of the map. This means that you can get to most parts of the map quickly, but still have access to loot in a centralized location.

There are also many places to loot at Salt Springs:

  • The Salty Springs grocery store has 3 floors filled with loot and only one entrance/exit point (meaning there’s no need for building or fortifying walls). You also don’t have to worry about other players shooting you from outside because there are only two windows on each floor (which you can cover up if you want).
  • There’s also plenty of houses on this street that usually contain lots of chests inside them. If you are playing solo, then these houses might be your best bet since there aren’t many people who tend to land at Salty Springs unless they’re playing squads with friends or randoms who are trying their luck at finding more chests than just what’s inside grocery stores and homes.

Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields is a great landing spot for beginners, because it’s close to the action. It’s also an excellent place for finding loot. You can stock up on weapons and materials pretty quickly here, which is good if you want to get into the fight right away.

Tomato Town

Tomato Town is a great spot for players who want to build a base. While it may not have the highest-scoring loot in the game right now, this is one of the few places where you can set up shop without worrying about getting killed by other players.

Tomato Town is also a good spot for players who want to get into the action quickly. If you’re looking for an active place with plenty of loot drops and fast-paced gameplay, Tomato Town will give you exactly what you need!

And finally, Tomato Town is ideal if you’re looking for a place where people actually communicate with each other! With its central location between Tilted Towers and Happy Hamlet as well as its proximity to Retail Row and Pleasant Park (and not much else), it’s easy enough to find friends here that help each other out when needed!


Most popular fortnite landing spots

Landing in the middle of a circle is usually not a good idea. If you land there, you’re likely to be quickly surrounded by enemies and have no way to escape before they kill you. You also run the risk of being eliminated by someone else who arrives at that same location.

However, this doesn’t mean that landing in the middle of the circle is always bad. Landing near an enemy base can be useful if your goal is to get resources before anyone else or if you want to kill all enemies at their base while they are still spawning so that none of them will be able to attack you from behind—and if all goes well and nobody else arrives, then your chances of winning will increase significantly!

Landing on an edge can also be extremely beneficial for many reasons: firstly because it gives players more room for error (since they don’t need as much skill), secondly because it allows players who land nearby each other more time and space before being attacked by others (which makes them less likely  to die early), thirdly because it allows players who do get killed early on more time instead later on when everyone has already arrived (which means less waiting around between matches).

Best solo landing spots fortnite

The best landing spots for Fortnite are the ones that score you a lot of points. If you can find a place where you’re close to an arrow and also have good cover, then chances are it will be one of the best landing spots.

These include:

  • The first thing to do is check out all of your options before choosing one. This way, you’ll know what kind of weapons or items will be around when the storm passes at each location.

It’s important to find the right spot to land when you play fortnite.

Finding the right spot to land is an important part of playing Fortnite. Whether you’re playing solo or in a squad, landing in the right spot will help you win.

If you find yourself landing in the wrong spot, it could cost your team the game and make it hard for them to get the best gear.

Fortnite is all about finding the right spot, and getting an edge on your opponents. Knowing the best landing spots can help you get that edge, so be sure to practice them in your next game!